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Our name, Tykli, plays with the acronym TYK (Tag Your Knowledge) and the English adjective tickly.

We want to design a new and appealing user experience in data search and data organization

Our unique solutions for the Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management applications are based on Big Data and Semantic Web technologies.

Our vision is to take the best of the two areas to create something even better that will simplify our customers’ lives and reduce their daily workload.

Data Challenge

The amount of data we produce and consume every day has dramatically increased in the last decade and continues to grow. Nevertheless the tools we adopt to address this complexity have not evolved at the same speed. As a consequence:

There is a lot of data that is unstructured or semi-structured and cannot be analyzed with regular methods;

There is a lot of data where it’s not clear which questions could be answered with;

There is a lot of data where it’s not clear how to access them;

Retrieve information from data archives is a frustrating and time wasting activity.

Tykli Innovation

We have developed our proprietary graph analysis algorithm

The algorithm generates graph that represents new relevant relationships between items (nodes) in the source graph.

These new relevant relationships are proved to be true and valuable, revealing new knowledge from source data;

From an undefined mess of data we can generate a new organization of relevant information linked together.

Tykli Solution

By analyzing and processing the relationships among data, Tykli builds a new data order. Radically new, graph-based and with ontologies as conceptual model for end-user access.

Concepts indexing and semantic network generation.

Automatic data organization on top of generated ontologies.

Not-hierarchical graph based data model.

Value Proposition

Tykli engine makes data accessible and helps users in find information.

That means business value for our customers, including:

  • Less time wasted in search,
  • Better user experience,
  • More knowledge from data, more insights, better decision making,
  • Sleeping data can be put to use.

Tykli provides those improvements without data migration or other technical pains. Just let your data meet Tykli engine


Tykli sincerely thanks Ing Direct for their invaluable support.


Tykli S.r.l.

Via Revel 16, Torino (Italy)