Italian companies and big data analytics: a market on the road to maturity


On one hand a lively environment of startups active in the field of big data analytics and business solutions. On the other hand, companies that have still to understand entirely the potential of these applications. This is in brief the outlook of  2014 edition of Osservatorio Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, presented on 10th December 2014 in Milan, during the event “Big Data: un mercato in cerca d'autore”
According to the survey conducted by the Politecnico di Milano's School of Management,  there are 376 young enterprises (14 based in Italy) that work in this area around the world, that raised almost 7.6 billion dollars during the last three years.  They offer different kind of solutions, such as customer analytics (32%), enabling technologies for big data (28%), and social and web analytics tools (17%). 
Though the study shows that the Italian market for these technologies has grown by 25% since last year, it also confirms that we are still in a phase driven by expectations of future use. At present enterprises seems to be indeed attracted by the potential of them but not aware of the full range of possible uses.
They mainly ask for analysis of internal data (84% in Italy versus 70% of European businesses) and privilege passive analysis tools such as Performance management & Basic Analytics systems (78%), while Advanced Analytics applications that are able to support complex decision-making processes represent only the 22% of chosen solutions. In addition, 83% of data is structured (meaning they are already organized in specific databases that make them easier to investigate) and less than half of all  available data is actually analysed by this software.

In this context, Italy shows a number of startups that provide innovative solutions to manage big data. Click here to watch the panel dedicated to explore the national landscape, while below you can see the speech of Tykli's CEO Lorenzo Verna about our experience...

… and have a glance at our technology and some of our prospects for the future: 

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