Organize. Explore. Find. Quickly & Semantically

A new data order, a better search experience.

Tykli provides unique solutions for the information retrieval and knowledge management applications, based on big data and semantic web technologies. Our vision is to take the best of the two areas to create something even better that will simplify our customers’ lives and reduce their daily workload. 

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Simplicity is about
subtracting the obvious
and adding the meaningful
John Maeda


A lot of data is currently not used by corporations because of its size or performance issues.


A lot of data is unstructured or buried into isolated silos and can't be analyzed with standard methods.


A lot of data could answer to a lot of questions if we only knew what to ask and how to access them.



Put it simple.
The key to unlock data lies
in what is not visible: their relationships

By analyzing and processing the relationships among data, Tykli builds a new data order. Radically new, graph-based and with ontologies as conceptual model for end-user access. Tykli has developed a unique property graph analysis algorithm that generates semantic networks from your data and make them accessible through the concepts in the graph.
How it works


Dialogue vs third degree

Tykli moves from interrogation to dialogue, allowing data to self-organize according to automatically generated ontologies and thus providing a radically new experience in accessing digital information. The structure created by Tykli technology is fluid and friendly, enabling you to navigate large amounts of data by different points of view, at your own pace and with very little luggage. Tykli will map your data archives so you don't have to waste time in querying and you can focus on what really matters: understanding data knowledge.

In the old days accessing data
would look like this:


where to put?
where to get?
easy to get lost


Full text search
zero results
too many results
What can i search?


Search form
Data third degree.
Good understanding
of the data is required


Tykli for Ecommerce

Organize large products catalogues.

No more hard-to-define hierarchical categories trees.

Better user experience

Less users clicks to find products More products reached by users.


Tykli for Portals

To large organizations, Corporate Portal represent critical asset that unifies access to all enterprise information.

Information organization and retrieval over different large heterogeneous data sources is one of the biggest issue in that field.

Tykli solution provides a valuable support to solve that issue and a key differentiation in the market. We help users to find the right information. Quickly and Semantically.


Tykli for Media Archives

Media and Telecommunication Industries

Smart cataloguing of the media archives

Digital libraries, Media and Content Management


Tykli for Enterprise DMS

Most of DMS users have a frustrating experience in finding and exploring the company archives.

We can improve their experience introducing concepts browsing to let users be free to create their own paths to required resources