Tykli Marshal


Your “Personal Big Data assistant”



"Marshal your data to support your decisions"

How do you search for valuable information when trying to harness data and content from multiple sources like web, social , document management platforms, media libraries, event logs? 

What if you could have a virtual assistant who can understand thousands of web pages and access your operational data to:

- suggest what is interesting for you and for you Company?

- how your social media and customer service metrics are related with operational data and event logs?

- what your competitors are doing in a specific area?

With traditional tools you are limited because data must be instrumented or dictionaries must be predefined, more than this there is no way to understand you have finally reached the most relevant information... till now.

Tykli presents Tykli Marshal, the first solution which personalize the interaction between business users and data adding intelligence in the exploration and more extended capabilities for analytics.

Tykli Marshal is founded on Tykli Edge and, enhancing the cloud based proprietary algorithms for text analysis and complex network analysis , it support scalable applications and extended implementations across large Enterprises.

How it works.


Tykli Marshal can harness almost any type of data, crawling web pages or ingesting content from any sources; integration capabilities are open and standards are supported.

But this is just the beginning.  Once data is in, Tykli can apply its unique capabilities.

All data are processed with Tykli Edge, concepts are indexed and semantic relationships are automatically generated

No need for predefined dictionaries, ontologies as conceptual models are immediately available for end-user access: the entire data asset is ready for user interaction. 

Network exploration

fig. 1 Tykli Marshal - concepts/terms network

fig. 2 Tykli Marshal - network exploration

Intelligent content exploration is enabled via customizable dashboards showing trending, popular in and hot topics, custom searches, bookmarks, KPIs, historical trends, quick search options and other powerful features. 

fig. 3 Tykli Marshal - trending and hot topics analytics

In addition Tykli's machine learning capabilities can also profile user interactions and preferences and it can enable powerful recommendation or alerting functionalities. 

Multiple languages are supported and there are no limitations in terms of disciplines: engineering, production, quality, logistics, finance, IT,HR, procurement, marketing, sales and others. 


Value proposition

With Tykli Marshal we aim to empower executives, business users and developers with a solution that make data accessible and intelligible for smarter and more competitive actions.
Our implementation methodology is proven to address objectives in line with Company's business strategy exploiting value in 4 directions:

holistic approach
More data means more knowledge and lower risk for decision makers

let data speak
No predefined dictionary or previous understanding of content mean 
reduced time and costs for data search and content exploration

user first
Enabling tailored dashboarding and personalized advanced analytics lets 
users being focused on generating business value

Big data harm richer communities and with Tykli Marshal Companies can capitalize that knowledge and value which represent their competitive advantage